Friday, May 28, 2010

I Finally Did It!!!

I finally bought an ereader. I never thought I would, but so many people in blogland love them so I decided to look into which ereader I wanted. I decided on the Sony Reader Touch Edition. I was able to find it at Target for $199.99 which I thought was pretty reasonable.

Where does everyone buy their ebooks? Do you have a favorite ebook store? Any suggestions would be appreciated!!


JenB said...

I love After you buy ten books from them, you get an eleventh for free, and it doesn't matter how much it costs.

A lot of people people prefer, though, because they offer lots of sales and rebates. is another good one, as is

Randi said...

Thank-you so much!!!

Tracy said...

Congrats on your new purchase! That's awesome!

I'm with JenB - I get most of my books from those 3 ebook stores and love it.

Fiction Vixen said...

Congrats on your new e-reader! I can't go a day without my Kindle! I buy most of my e-books at Amazon, FictionWise, MBaM, and AllRomanceEbooks. Enjoy your new toy!!

Lover of Romance said...

I haven't gotten one of these yet, but I really want to get to it though!!! But I just love reading paperback books though!!! Thats probably why I have waited so long!!

Genella deGrey said...

Hi Randi! I know I'm really late on this post . . . When checking out ebooks, look to see if the publisher lists the book for less than the other sites.
You never know!