Saturday, October 31, 2009

Friday, October 30, 2009

Review - One Lucky Cowboy by Carolyn Brown

Rating 4 stars!!

Book Description (description from Sourcebooks Website):
Jane Day is on the run from the paid assassin who had been her fiancé. In Wichita Falls, Texas, she meets Nellie Luckadeau, a spitfire of an old lady who desperately needs someone to work on her ranch. But Nellie's drop-dead gorgeous grandson "Lucky Slade" is sure he can spot a con artist a mile away. He's determined not to let some upstart like Jane fleece his granny.
When his signature intimidation methods don't convince Jane to leave, he pours on the charm to make her spill what she's up to. She's happy to play along, but she's not going to let this hot, hostile cowboy run her off his land when all she needs is a lucky break…

My Thoughts: I really enjoyed One Lucky Cowboy. There is just something about a cowboy that I just love. It must be because I live in the Northeast. We don’t have cowboys up here so they are pure fantasy for me. What I loved about the story is that the hero Slade Luckadeau (I love the name!!) didn’t want to jump right in and save Jane from whatever she was running from. He didn’t help until his grandmother made him. So many times in romances the hero just wants to jump in and save the day. Jane was a great heroine she found out what her slime ball fiancĂ© was going to do and she did what she had to do to survive until her birthday. I loved the ending! Overall a very enjoyable read.
I am looking forward to going back and reading the first book in the series.
Please come back on November 4th when Carolyn Brown will be visiting and answering a few questions.

Book 1 (released Sept 09) Book 3 (release Jan 10

Monday, October 5, 2009

Finished Another Challenge ~ Read Your Name Challenge

I finished another challenge. I was starting to get nervous that I wasn't going to be able to finish all the challenges I signed up for at the beginning of this year. I'm starting to make some real progress! This challenge was hosted by Victoria (aka Ink Heart).

The challenge was to read your name in book title first letters, ultimately spelling out your name.

R ~ Romeo Romeo by Robin Kay

I ~ In My Wildest Fanstasies by Julianne MacLean