Wednesday, March 4, 2009

One Foot Forward hy Rose Middleton

Rating 4!!

Book Description:
How do you thank someone for saving your life? Molly Keating's never found the right words to thank Mick Knight for saving her from the car accident that almost killed her and left her severely injured. When she learns the hunky fire fighter is up for auction at a charity fundraiser, she figures the very least she can do is bid to take him to dinner and explain her gratitude.
Mick is thrilled to seen Molly again, but he hates to see the self-doubt that is so evident in her beautiful hazel eyes. The charismatic Mick, with his commanding sex appeal and devilish charm sets out to put the spark back into the woman he’s been unable to forget.
When Mick followed his fire-fighting father into a career that too often leads to an early grave, he knew the risks. Mick long accepted that he may have no future and has avoided relationships out of fear—fear of commitment and fear of risk.
As the passion between them ignites and the feelings build Mick finds that he must make a choice and Molly finds herself wondering if the impossible just might be possible.
Do they live the rest of their life in fear or do they follow their hearts and take a chance…on love?

My Review: I read about this book on one of the blogs I follow, but can't remember which one!! The reason it caught my eye is because I love books that feature firefighters, doesn't matter to me if it's the hero, heroine or both. A unique thing about this story is that it takes place in Australia which was fun to read about.

I don't want to talk too much about Molly's accident, because I don't want to give anything away.

Molly is inspiration, she is a great heroine. Strong, smart and a really great person. Mik is tough, but sweet and chemistry is hot, hot, hot. For such a short story it has a real punch to it.

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Amy C said...

Oh, I love your up next book! I love LWJ's trilogies :).

And One Foot Forward sounds good. I've read a few firefighter books and I liked them.