Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Look at All My New Books!!

I picked up some really good books over the last few weeks......

I have read the first two books in this series and can't wait to read Tyler's story!!

This is a new author for me. The story sound interesting and the price was right.

First two books in the Huxtable Quintet.
I have never read anything by Mary Balogh. Her new series sounds good so I picked them up.

Debut Author!!
I love playing Texas Hold 'Em and this takes place in 1870's New Orleans.

New Author to Me!!

I saw this book on someones blog, but can't remember who's.

4th book in the Wedding Veil Wishes Series.

3rd book in the Campbell Trilogy.

3rd book in the Sunshine Sister Trilogy.

Sequel to Some Like it Wicked!!

Also got a bunch of books from PaperBack Swap...

What do you think? Any of these books your hoping to read?

Monday, March 23, 2009

Tangeled Up in Love by Heidi Betts

4.5 Stars!!

Book Description: ARE THEY FIT TO BE TIED?Ever since Dylan Stone beat Veronica Chasen out of a prime position at the Cleveland Courier, they’ve been bitter rivals, engaging in a very public war of words in their competing newspaper columns. They routinely challenge each other to go bungee jumping, white water rafting, or into tattoo parlors to see who will wimp out first. But Veronica’s latest taunt may be Dylan’s toughest assignment yet: She dares him to learn to knit.OR WILL DESIRE UNRAVEL THEM BOTH? Dylan is not going to let something his grandmother can do scare him off. He’s man enough to make a scarf—and attend Veronica’s weekly knitting circle. But when the infuriatingly handsome Dylan shows up at the craft shop and charms all the ladies, Veronica starts to get all knotted up in something that feels a lot like love…

My Review: This is the first book by Heidi Betts that I have read and the first book in her Chicks with Stick trilogy. It was very enjoyable and I'm really looking forward to the rest of the series. Veronica and Dylan write columns for two different newspapers. They dare each other to do crazy stunts trying to one up each other. Veronica thinks she has come up with the perfect dare that Dylan will not be able to complete. He needs to learn how to knit within a month! Dylan takes the dare and finds a local knitting group to teach him. Of course he ends up a Veronica's knitting group. When Dylan dares her to to help him with private lessons that's when the sparks fly. If your looking for a fun, easy read that is straight contemporary (there is small bit of paranormal element, but it is a very small piece) then definitely pick this up.

I also found a preview of the next book which will be released in August.....

Loves Me, Loves Me Knot
"Chicks with Sticks" book 2
THIS IS KNOT YOUR AVERAGE LOVE STORY Jenna Langan knows what shewants, and as she tells her best friends after their weekly knitting group, she doesn’t need a man to give it to her…only a few of his best swimmers. And just because her marriage to undercover vice cop Gage Marshall ended badly doesn’t mean he can’t still give her the baby she’s always wanted. In fact, she’s willing to bet a couple of her favorite hand-knit boas that she can tie him up in knots he’ll definitely enjoy…
BUT TRUE LOVE IS MORE THAN JUST SKEIN DEEPAn unexpected seduction is one thing, but stud service? No, thank you. Gage had his reasons for pulling the plug on his happily ever after with Jenna, and nothing that’s happened since their divorce has changed his mind. That is, until Jenna got it into her head to tie him up and drag him down. Now he has no choice but to stick around until he knows for sure if his ex-wife is pregnant. But the more time he spends with Jenna, the more his resolve begins to unravel…

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring Reading Thing 2009

Katrina at Callapidder Days is hosting a Spring Reading Thing.

Here’s a brief recap of how to be a part of the Spring Reading Thing 2009:
Make a list of books you want to read (or finish reading) this spring. Your list can be as long or as short as you’d like. (Also, feel free to modify your list during the challenge if it’s not working for you.)
Write a blog post containing your list and submit it to this post using the Mr. Linky below. (Please do not put your name on the Mr. Linky before you have your post done, and please link directly to your Spring Reading Thing post. If you don’t, your entry will be deleted. Read this post for more information.)
Get reading! The challenge goes from today, March 20th, through June 20th.
Check out other participants’ lists and add to your own to-read-someday pile!
Write a post about your challenge experience in June, telling us all about whether you reached your goals and how the Spring Reading Thing went for you. Oh, and if you don’t finish your books, or if you change your list half-way through, or if you only read two books…it’s OKAY. This is a low-pressure challenge that should be fun. As long as you do some reading this spring (and enjoy it!), that’s good enough for me.
There’s a Mr. Linky at the end of this post. Please use it to link to your blog post containing your Spring Reading Thing list. Remember to link to your specific post, not just your general blog homepage. People will be stopping by for days (or weeks!) and when you link to your specific post, it will make it easier for everyone to find your reading list. Also, if you don’t mind, please link back here from your post so that your readers can come check out all the other participants.
So post your list, grab a mug of your favorite beverage, and check out all the other bloggers who love to read as much as you do!

For information about Spring Reading Thing 2009 prizes and giveaways, please read this post from last Friday.

Note: There is NO limit to when people can sign up to participate in the Spring Reading Thing. You’re welcome to join in any time between now and June! The “deadlines” mentioned in the prize/giveaway post are only for prize eligibility.

I'm going to post my list in a separate post.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Contest at Night Owl Romance

Night Owl Romance is running a really cool contest. See below for more information.

Night Owl Romance Web Hunt
Starts 3/1/2009 - Ends 4/1/2009
Win Ebooks, Print Books, Advanced Reading Copies and other Prizes! (PRIZES PROVIDED BY AUTHORS)

***How Do You Enter?***
It's fun and easy - Just Visit The Websites and Blogs of the Authors Listed Below. The website addresses are provided.
Find the graphic like the the one over there on the right - Each site will have a different color.
Make sure to write down the exact color as described on the graphic.
Submit your answers via the entry form on the Night Owl Website. You must match the color and author name.
Links will be within two clicks of the the homepage.

You need to find at least (12) of the hidden graphics to be entered into the winner selection jar. There will be 4 winners and each will get a collection of prizes from the authors.

Because of Adult Content and Shipping Costs - Contest Open to USA Residents 18 Years and Over!

The Night Owl Romance Web Hunt begins March 1st and ends April 1st, 2009

If you get stuck on one authors website stop searching and go onto another authors site. Then come back to the harder ones later. The search graphic will be within two clicks of the homepage.

I was able to find all but one. Good Luck!!

TBR Challenge - Wild and Wicked in Scotland by Melody Thomas

Rating 3.5!!

Challenges: TBR, Countdown, Spring '08

Book Description: Running wild . . . When Cassandra Sheridan agreed to an arranged marriage to the Earl of Hampstead, she never dreamed the cad wouldn't even bother to appear for their betrothal ball. It seems her intended cares more for gallivanting than meeting his bride-to-be! So Cassie decides to enjoy an adventure of her own and sets out across Scotland…and meets a dashing stranger who has elevated dueling and deception to an art form. A dedicated spy on a mission, the Earl of Hampstead has more on his mind than a silly party. Now fate has thrown him together with a vivacious lady whom he must protect from harm, and whose sensuous beauty is proving most distracting. Worse still, Devlyn is horrified to discover she's the very woman he's engaged to marry! With their lives and reputations in equal peril, do they dare surrender to their irresistible desires?

My Review: There were parts of this book that I loved and other parts not so much.
I loved the hero Devlyn. I loved the heroine Cassie. They had great chemistry together. The love scenes were steamy and sexy. The storyline its self was interesting. What I didn't like is that it was just a little to long. Have you ever read a book and your enjoying it, but it's just a little to long? That's how I felt about this book. There was to much time spent on Devlyn's government work. I understand that it was a big part of the story. I just felt that it was overwhelming at times. I'm still going to read the other two books in the story to find out what happens to Devlyn's partners.

Monday, March 16, 2009

What I Did For Love by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

I have really fallen behind with reviews!! So now I'm trying to catch up!!

Book Description: How did this happen? Georgie York, once the costar of America's favorite television sitcom, has been publicly abandoned by her famous husband, her film career has tanked, her father is driving her crazy, and her public image as a spunky heroine is taking a serious beating. What should a down-on-her-luck actress do? Not go to Vegas . . . not run into her detestable former costar, dreamboat-from-hell Bramwell Shepard . . . and not get caught up in an ugly incident that leads to a calamitous elopement. Before she knows it, Georgie has a fake marriage, a fake husband, and maybe (or not) a fake sex life. It's a paparazzi free-for-all, and Georgie's nonsupporting cast doesn't help. There's Bram's punk-nightmare housekeeper, Georgie's own pushy parent, a suck-up agent, an icy studio head with a private agenda, and her ex-husband's new wife, who can't get enough of doing good deeds and saving the world - the bitch. As for Georgie's leading man, Bram's giving the performance of his life, but he's never cared about anyone except himself, and it's not exactly clear why. Two enemies find themselves working without a script in a town where the spotlight shines bright . . . and where the strongest emotions can wear startling disguises.
My Review: My Review: I'm a huge fan of SEP's books. I loved the love/hate relationship between Bram and Georgie. I also like the Jennifer Aniston/Brad/Angelina parallel without it being over the top. I thought what Bram did at the end were a little over the top and Georgie didn’t make him suffer nearly enough. As usual she has a great cast of secondary characters. You got to see a small glimpse of April (Natural Born Charmer) and also some characters from Glitter Baby (which I haven’t read yet). I'm also a sucker for epilogue and this one had a great one.
This Heart of Mine is still my favorite by this author and would still recommend it over this one, but this is up there are one of my favs.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Spring Challenge '09

The Spring Reading Challenge has started over at the Shelfari Reader's of Romance Challenge Group. You can also check out our blog here.

Spring Challenge runs from March 1 – May 31

1. Select 5,10, or 15 books to read that fit the category.

2. Post your list on the discussion board and blog (Name’s Spring Challenge List)

3. If you need title suggestions please use the Discussion titled Spring TITLE SUGGESTIONS if you don't see it please search (to try and minimize number of discussions)

4. Once you have read a book please find the corresponding discussion by searching you can search by 08 Winter # and use the number that corresponds with the list. (one will be created for each number on March 1, again, to try and minimize number of discussions) and post the book and title you read and rating, and review.

5. It is not required, but if you could post your review on the blog that would be great.

6. Reviews on the blog please include labels list the rating, author, and # of challenge only.

7. Audio books are okay

8. Rereads are okay9. You can change your list at anytime

**Thank you to Heather D and Roberta for making the list!**

My Spring '09 Challenge list:

1. Read a Western (united States)- historical or contemporary: Montana Creeds: Logan by Linda Lael Miller

2. Read a book set in Scotland- historical or contemporary: Wild and Wicked in Scotland by Melody Thomas

3. Title contains Sun, Moon, or Stars (Moonlight, Starlight, etc, is ok!): Sunset Bay by Susan Mallery

4. Title contains Angel or Devil: In Bed with the Devil by Lorraine Heath

5. Read any title by one of the first romance authors you ever read (or reread one of the first romance titles you ever read): Jewels of the Sun by Nora Roberts

6. Title or Cover makes you think of Spring: For the Love of Pete by Julia Harper

7. Readers Choice: ??

8. Select a book that has been marked favorite or 5 stars from another group member's shelf.: Sweet Release by Pamela Clare

9. Read an AAR top 100 title (list on allaboutromance.com, AAR Top 100 group, and the AAR Top 100 blog): Open Season by Linda Howard

10. Title contains the word "Secret" or “Lie” in it: Lie to Me by Starr Ambrose

11. Read a title that was read and reviewed during the Winter Challenge: Only You by Elizabeth Lowell

12. read a book with a Romeo and Juliet type theme (feuding family/clan/etc): H/H have to be on opposite sides of the feud (help at AAR): Laird of the Mist by Paula Quinn

13. Read a trilogy (or 3 books from same series) Part 1: Star Witch by Linda Winstead Jones

14. Read a trilogy (or 3 books from same series) Part 2: The Moon Witch by Linda Winstead Jones

15. Read a trilogy (or 3 books from same series) Part 3: The Star Witch by Linda Winstead Jones

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

One Foot Forward hy Rose Middleton

Rating 4!!

Book Description:
How do you thank someone for saving your life? Molly Keating's never found the right words to thank Mick Knight for saving her from the car accident that almost killed her and left her severely injured. When she learns the hunky fire fighter is up for auction at a charity fundraiser, she figures the very least she can do is bid to take him to dinner and explain her gratitude.
Mick is thrilled to seen Molly again, but he hates to see the self-doubt that is so evident in her beautiful hazel eyes. The charismatic Mick, with his commanding sex appeal and devilish charm sets out to put the spark back into the woman he’s been unable to forget.
When Mick followed his fire-fighting father into a career that too often leads to an early grave, he knew the risks. Mick long accepted that he may have no future and has avoided relationships out of fear—fear of commitment and fear of risk.
As the passion between them ignites and the feelings build Mick finds that he must make a choice and Molly finds herself wondering if the impossible just might be possible.
Do they live the rest of their life in fear or do they follow their hearts and take a chance…on love?

My Review: I read about this book on one of the blogs I follow, but can't remember which one!! The reason it caught my eye is because I love books that feature firefighters, doesn't matter to me if it's the hero, heroine or both. A unique thing about this story is that it takes place in Australia which was fun to read about.

I don't want to talk too much about Molly's accident, because I don't want to give anything away.

Molly is inspiration, she is a great heroine. Strong, smart and a really great person. Mik is tough, but sweet and chemistry is hot, hot, hot. For such a short story it has a real punch to it.

If you would like to purchase this book please click here.

Enticing the Prince by Patricia Grasso

Rating 4.5!!

Book Description: The daughter of Moscow's most celebrated jeweller, Katerina Pavlova has inherited a keen eye for gems. But when the whims of a wealthy prince bring tragedy to the Pavlovas, Katerina flees Russia with her family's fortune. Once in London, the beguiling Katerina reinvents herself as the Contessa de Salerno, a beautiful, mysterious aristocrat with a talent for making dazzling jewellery. Soon, every lady in London desires one of her glittering creations-while every man desires the Countess herself...Prince Drako Kazanov is one of the men who longs to seduce the Contessa. But Katerina is convinced that Drako is the man behind her family's downfall and she's determined to exact vengeance. When Drako learns Katerina's true identity, he promises secrecy for a price-her complete surrender to their mutual attraction. Katerina has no choice but to become Drako's mistress...a role she finds more pleasurable than she ever imagined. But when an unseen enemy tries to kill both her and Drako, Katerina must choose between her life-and her newfound love.

My Review: Patricia Grasso is an auto-buy author for me. This continues her Kazanov Series. What I like about this book is the Drako figure out early on what Katerina was doing and confronted her and they actually talked about the situtation. I thought Katerina and Draco had great chemistry. It was a quick and easy read.
Alex and Raven also make an appearance and have a small part in the story.
If you have read the other books in the series then you will get to re-visit some old friends.
I you like Lisa Kleypas or Julia Quinn check out Ms. Grasso. Click here for her back list.
Kazanov Series
To Love a Princess
Seducing the Prince
Pleasuring the Prince
Tempting the Prince
Enticing the Prince

My favorite Patricia Grasso book is...

Which is part of the Douglas Family Series:
To Tempt an Angel
To Charm a Prince
To Catch a Countess

Monday, March 2, 2009

It's Suppose to be March......

Does this look like March to you.......

I know I live in New England, but I have it had with snow!!!!
I'm ready for Spring!!!