Wednesday, February 18, 2009

TBR Challenge

I ended up reading two DIKs for avidreader's TBR Challenge. I read Broken Wing by Judith James & Dark of Night by Suzanne Brockmann.

Rating 4.75!!

Book Description: Abandoned as a child and raised in a brothel, Gabriel St. Croix has never known tenderness, friendship or affection. Although fluent in sex, he knows nothing of love. Lost and alone inside a nightmare world, all he’s ever wanted was companionship and a place to belong. Hiding physical and emotional scars behind an icy fa├žade, his only relationship is with a young boy he has spent the last five years protecting from the brutal reality of their environment. But all that is about to change. The boy’s family has found him, and they are coming to take him home. Sarah Munroe blames herself for her brother’s disappearance. When he’s located, safe and unharmed despite where he as been living. Sarah vows to help the man who rescued and protected him in any way she can. With loving patience she helps Gabriel face his demons and teaches him to trust in friendship and love. But when the past catches up with him, Gabriel must face it on his own. Becoming a mercenary, pirate and a professional gambler, Gabriel travels to London, France, and the Barbary Coast in a desperate attempt to find Sarah again and all he knows of love. On the way, however, he will discover the most dangerous journey, and the greatest gamble of all, is within the darkest reaches of his own heart.

My Review: I'm not sure I can say much more than what has already been said about this book. I thought it was great. I want to thank Cindy W and Kristie's for their great reviews which made me want run out and get this book.

I loved reading as Sarah and Gabriel fell love, all the sweet and natural things that happen as people fall in love. My favorite scenes are when Gabe would come through Sarah's bedroom window. The only thing I didn't like was the long separation where Gabe and Sarah were apart for way to long. I understand why the author did it I just felt it was to long. If you a truly like your tortured hero and sweet understanding heroine make sure you pick up Broken Wing as soon as possible you won't be disappointed.

Rating 5!!!

Contains Spoilers!!

Book Description: Badly shaken after the loss of one of their own, the men and women of Troubleshooters Inc. go up against their most deadly opponents yet —- the clandestine organization called The Agency. Blackmail, extortion, murder: The Agency's black-ops sector will apparently stop at nothing to achieve their objective. But this time they've gone too far and hit too close to home. Led by former Navy SEAL Lawrence Decker, a team of investigators —- from FBI agent Jules Cassidy and former CIA operative Dave Malkoff, to Troubleshooters Sophia Ghaffari, Tess Bailey, and even receptionist Tracy Shapiro —- band together to uncover the truth, and bring the killers to justice. But the stakes are raised even higher when Decker barely escapes an attempt on his life. It soon becomes clear that the hunters have become the hunted —- and the Troubleshooters are no longer just solving a crime -— they're fighting for survival.

My Review: I loved this book!! Suzanne Brockmann is one of my favorite authors. I have been reading her books since Over the Edge came out in 2001. There has been a lot of buzz about the Troubleshooters series, some people are not happy with the direction Ms. Brockmann has take the series. I am not one of those people, I have stuck with the series and have loved every minute of it.
I am very happy with how the Sophia, Dave and Decker storyline was resolved. I was never a huge Decker and Sophia fan. I loved Decker and Tracy!! I was also happy with the explanation of why Decker and Sophia would have never worked. I could go on and on.......
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Kristie (J) said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed Broken Wing!! It is a wonderful book isn't it?
I sent in my ballot at AAR and for the first time since I started sending them in - 7 years now - Broken Wing got the majority of my votes in any category it qualified for. I usually try and spread them out - and I still would have this time since I really did read some wonderful books - but for me Broken Wing was just TOO good not to recognize it in the categories I entered it.