Sunday, February 15, 2009

Land of the Falling Stars by Keta Diablo

Rating 4 stars!!

Book Description: Penniless, her parents and brother dead, Sophia Whitfield struggles to save her beloved childhood home during the Civil War. Another bluecoat is staggering down the hill, but before Sophia allows him to rob and pilfer like the others, she shoots him. How is she to know it is Gavin, the dark knight of her youth, carrying secrets too horrific to imagine and a passion that ignites her deepest desires?
As Sophia gradually learns Gavin's secrets-and enjoys his talents in the bedroom-she discovers how to finally know her own heart. Can she save the Land of Falling Stars, or will she lose it all to the horrors of the War and Reconstruction? And will the Southern lady and the Yankee soldier be able to recapture the bliss of their youth - this time in each other's arms?

My Review: I heard about this book over at the author has joined a couple of the groups that I belong to. When she was telling us about her book Land of the Falling Stars it sounded good so I purchase and dowloaded the book (it's only available as an ebook and audio). I love books that take place during the Civil War, you don't see to many books that take during this time period anymore. This also has a hero and heroine who were childhood friends which I also love.

This is a very gripping story. So many things happen to both Gavin and Sophia that it's a miracle that either survived and found there way back to each other. Gavin is tortured by both his secret and his feelings for Sophia. Sophia is confused about her feelings and not wanting Gavin to be with her out of pity. I don't want to give to much away. This is a really good story and I highly recommend it to anyone who like historicals with steam. You can purchase this book at

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Amy C said...

I've had my eye on this book. I forgot when it cam out but it must be out now.

Thanks for the review :)

Amy C said...

I don't know why I thought this book was releasing in February. I just looked it up and it came out in December. I don't know what I was thinking :).

Heather said...

I really enjoyed this book! I found it after Cindy posted it on her shelf. The author is awesome by the way!