Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Northern Lights by Nora Roberts

Rating 5!!
Review: This is the best book I read (ok technically listened to) in 2008. The way Nora Roberts described Alaska you felt like you were there. Nate takes the job as sheriff in Lunacy, Alaska after tragedy almost destroys his life. A former cop from Baltimore Nate is trying to bring the law to Lunacy. There a ton a secondary characters that make the story even better. Nate and Meg's chemistry just leaps out at you and you watch as they slowly fall in love. The story really gets going when Meg's father who disappeared 16 years ago is found in a mountain cave with an ax in his chest. I don't read a lot of mysteries so it took me a while to guess who the murderer was. One of the things that is really different about this book that I didn't think I would like, is that is told mostly from Nate's point of view with only a few views from Meg's, but it worked. This is a long book at 672 and I probably didn't give it the justice it deserves!!
I loved this book highly recommended!!


Margot said...

I'm in the Romance Reading Challenge also and came over to read your review. I LOVE Nora Robert's books. I've not read this one but now I have to have it.

Robin of My Two Blessings said...

I really enjoyed this one. Read it twice. I like most of Robert's books.