Monday, January 5, 2009

Crazy in Love by Lani Diane Rich

Rating 3.5!!

Book Description: Flynn Daly needs a drink. Under the crush of family guilt, she's agreed to move out of her dangerous South Boston neghborhood and join the family business. Her first assignment: running the inn left by a deceased aunt Flynn's never hear of. The problem? It's in the middle of the country where there's nature and bugs and no public trasport; her dead aunt is haunting her dreams; and the hotel's bartender is making her lose her more ways than one.

When bartender Jake Tucker's beloved boss meets an untimely end, he intends to find out who's behind it. If cozying up to the eccentri niece gets him the information he needs, so be it. But once he gets close to that wild hair and captivating smile, he decides that some things are more fun with a partner...even if she sees dead people. After all, for a woman like Flynn, he'd be nuts not go for it.

Review: This book was OK. I enjoyed Jake and Flynn who had really good chemistry. I thought the story started off really good. Flynn isn't the typical spoiled rich girl everyone thinks she is, but she does have trouble keeping a job. So she goes to upstate New York to take care of her aunt's Inn while her Dad and sister prepare to sell it. The aunt haunting Flynn I thought was funny and a cute part of the story. Where the book started to lose me was the crimes Jake was investigating and part of the reason he lost his job as a cop. It was a little of the top. Overall not a bad read.

I already have Flynn's sister book in my TBR pile and I hope to read it in the next couple of months.


Holly said...

I totally agree with you. I thought the book started out great, too, but towards the end things just started becoming ridiculous.

I had a similar problem with the second book (Freya's) because I felt the suspense plot was weak there, too. But! I thought the rest of it was better than this one.

RandiLyn said...

I'm glad that you thought the next book is better. I'm curious to see how Freya's story plays out because she was a little over the top. It's my TBR pile.