Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Corbin's Fancy by Linda Lael Miller

Rating 4 stars!!

Book Description: When a traveling carnival left Fancy Jordan stranded in the rugged Washington Territory, she thought her luck had run out. Alone, penniless, she welcomed a most intriguing offer --to live in the home of Jeff Corbin's brother, and coax the wounded withdrawn Jeff back to health and happiness.
But a villainous attack on his ship had hurt only his body --- a far deeper sorrow tortured him, heart and soul. For as the beautiful gamine fell deeply in love with this handsome, brooding man, she faced a phantom rival....one that only the most splendid, most heartfelt passion could conquer.

Review: This is the 2nd book in the Corbin Family Series. When we left Jeff at the end of 'Banner O'Brien' you wonder who would be able to help him get over Banner. Fancy is a great heroine, one of my favorite type of heroines are ones that are down on their luck. As the story unfolds you understand why Fancy feels the way she does. I think everyone at some point in there lives have felt not good enough. Jeff is very strong, alpha male it takes him a little to long to figure out his feelings. The a twist at the end that will break your heart and run out to get the next book.


Kristie (J) said...

Is this the series with sisters trying to find each other? If it is, I read them many many years ago now and quite enjoyed them!!

RandiLyn said...

No, that's the Orphan Train Trilogy
Lily and the Major
Emma and the Outlaw
Caroline and the Raider

This series was written before....
Banner O'Brien
Corbin's Fancy
Memory's Embrace
My Darling Melissa