Monday, January 19, 2009

Contemporary Romance Reading Challenge

Brie at Musings of a Bibliophile is hosting a Contemporary Romance Reading Challenge. This sounded like a lot of fun and I love Contemporary Romances. Sign up here.
Rules are as follows:
1. Any contemporary romance of your choice is eligible. By contemporary I mean any book placed in a contemporary setting with no paranormal elements.
2. Read at least one contemporary romance a month and post a review for that book within the month. I haven't set a unified date because I'm not good at sticking to dates, and having no monthly time limit should ensure that everyone in the challenge is able to read at least one contemporary a month.
3. After posting your review leave a link to it here. This will make it easier for me, and anyone else interested, to find your review.
That's it. Please leave a comment letting me know if you want to join in so that I have a complete list of participants to link to each month. Happy reading!

Jan - Light My Fire by Jane Graves
Feb - Line of Scrimmage by Marie Force
Mar - Sunset Bay by Susan Mallery
Apr - For the Love of Pete by Julia Harper
May- Under Her Skin by Susan Mallery
Jun - The Mighty Quinn: Brody by Kate Hoffmann
Jul - Mischief Becomes Her by Kasey Michaels

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Brie said...

Hi Randi, Thanks for joining. I'm looking forward to reading your reviews!