Tuesday, December 9, 2008

What a Pirate Desires by Michelle Beattie

Rating 5!!!
Book Description:
When her family was murdered by the brigand named Dervish, all that Samantha Fine cherished was swept away in the churning waters of the Caribbean. Driven by revenge, she masquerades as Sam Steele, the most cunning pirate of the seas, striking terror in the hearts of every merchant who dares to cross her path. If only they knew the legendary buccaneer’s extraordinary secret…

One man has discovered that a fiery female spirit wrestles beneath Sam’s fearsome exterior: the pirate, Luke Bradley. He once sailed with the vile Dervish, and now has a score of his own to settle. But as he joins Sam on her journey across the unpredictable Caribbean Sea, Luke is drawn to her loyal heart and courageous strength. Now, making Dervish pay for his sins is second to the quest to win Sam’s heart…


My Review:
I truly enjoyed this first novel by Michelle Beattie and can not wait for her next book which won't be out until Sept 09!! This book had everything. Action, adventure and a flawed hero and heroine.
I know a book is good when I can remember the characters names a few days after I have read the book. I loved both Luke and Sam.
Luke is one of those heroes you fall in love with. Sam was great for the most part, there was a small part at the end where you just want to shake her.
Highly Recommend

Check out an excerpt from Michelle Beattie's next book.

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