Saturday, December 20, 2008

First BIG Snow of the Season!!

Normally only use this blog to talk about books.

I thought it would be fun to share some of the pictures I took today.

We had our first major snowstorm here in the Northeast. We have another storm moving in for tomorrow that will give us anther 3-6 inches.
It took me an hour to shovel out my car.

I can't imagine living where it doesn't snow, but this is too much too soon.

What are your feelings on snow. Love it? Hate it? Never seen it?


Cindy W said...

I'm 31 and have never seen snow. I can't imagine living in snow! In fact, right now it is so hot in Florida. Eventually, I'd like to go skiing with the family and finally see the white stuff.

Thanks for sharing your snow!

Holly said...

Cindy, consider yourself lucky!

I grew up in the Midwest and snow was a daily part of my life for most of the year. I finally got fed up with it and moved to Southern California to get away from it in 2002. And on Wednesday, it snowed. A lot. Here. In Southern California. Is nothing sacred? lol

If I never have to deal with snow again in my life I'll be happy.

Melanie said...

I love OUR snows here, if we even get snow it is very rare that we get over a few inches and it stays for a few days then melts away.. first day it is nice can enjoy it and then gone soon after. I live in the foothills of NC.

Heather said...

Until I was about 8 years old I lived all over the place. I remember snow from Illinois and Germany. I grew up in Savannah with only the occasional flurry or dusting. I met my husband in Iowa and stuck around there for a few years, surprisingly there was only snow (that stuck on the ground) twice while I was there. We went back up there a couple of years ago for a furneral in Jan. I told my inlaws not to expect to ever see me again in the winter unless they came to Georgia. It wasn't the snow that bothered me so much as the frigid cold temperatures and wind.
I miss the snow every once in a while but I know I can only take it in small doses... and when I don't have to go outside in it. It is so pretty!