Saturday, November 29, 2008

Rough and Ready by Sandra Hill

Rating 4.5

Book Description: It takes nothing short of a miracle to catapult Lt. Torolf Magnusson and his team of Navy SEALs back in time to eleventh-century Norselands. First on the agenda: destroy the evil villain who terrorized his ancestors and a nation.
But when the sexy SEALs find they've landed in the middle of a sanctuary--filled with women, well, Hoo-yah! Their game plans are put on hold, much to the distress of Hilda, the head of the sanctuary. At first resistant, she soon succumbs to Torolf's passionate advances. Suddenly the term "Special Forces" takes on a whole new meaning. But with victory in sight for Torolf, Hilda must face the fact that their love may not survive the test of time...

My Review: This book is pure fun!! All Sandra Hill books are fun!! I haven't read a Sandra Hill book in a long time. I love Torolf he is sexy, funny and a Navy Seal (my favorite type of hero). What makes this different from other time travel books that I have read is that they go back and forth. If your looking for a fun, sexy read definitely pick up this series.

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