Saturday, November 15, 2008

Paradise Wild by Johanna Lindsey

Rating 3
Book Description:
A well-born Boston beauty, Corinne Barrows has traveled halfway around the world in search of Jared Burkett -- a dashing rogue and a devil; a honey-tongued charmer who seduced and despoiled her. . .and then abandoned the impetuous lady after awakening a need that only he could satisfy.
She has found him on the lush and lovely island of Hawaii. And now Corinne will have the revenge she craves: the total ruin of the blackguard who brought shame and scandal into her life. But Jared still possesses the power to excite her as no man has ever done--even as his own reckless heart is taken captive in their blistering war of wits and will--igniting a fire that could consume them both unless they surrender to it with wild abandon in the heat of the tropic night.

My Review:
The only Johanna Lindsey books I have read are her Mallory Series, which I love. I had to pick a Johanna Lindsey book for a reading challenge I was participating in at I picked this book because of the setting, it takes place in Hawaii 1890s.

I like books where there is a lot of banter and arguing between the hero and heroine. This book there is so much anger and fighting between Corrine and Jared that it was hard to read at times. Jared has so much anger toward Corrine's father that his treatment of Corrine is horrible. I just have a problem when the hero crosses that line. In the end I liked how you saw Corrine grow up and mature through out the book. So I'm giving it 3 stars.

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