Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Houston, We Have a Problem by Erin McCarthy

Rating 4.5 stars

Book Description:
Dr. Houston Hayes has never had trouble maintaining his professional distance with both patients and co-workers...until he meets resident Josie Adkins. Every time the tiny tornado of cheery clumsiness drops a chart in his presence, he's treated to a view that makes him extremely interested in her bones. Jumping them, that is. For a man who prides himself on control at all times, this is getting to be a problem. And problems always have solutions...All her life, Josie has wanted to be a surgeon. But how can she do that while she's suffering from the debilitating Dr. Hayes Induced Dropping Medical Equipment Syndrome? Honestly, with those ice blue eyes and powerful shoulders dipping down to a - whoops, there goes the blood pressure cuff - what's a girl to do? And then Dr. Hayes shocks her by prescribing a very sexy cure: one night of sheet-burning passion to erase the sexual tension for both of them. But only one night...he won't need more than that...Suddenly, Josie has her mission - a chance to prove the arrogant Dr. Hayes wrong. One night with her will never be enough if she has her way. And soon, both doctors may be falling into a desire deeper than any they've ever known.

My Review:
This was a fun, sexy read with and interesting twist. When Dr. Hayes has his own medical emergency Josie is right there to take care of him. I also liked that the heroine is little on the curvy side. I highly recommend this author. If you like Jane Graves or Jennifer Cruise give this author a try.
After you finished the book the author has posted a deleted scene on her website. If you click on book list and scroll down until you see this title and you will see bonus click on the that and it will take you to the deleted scene.
Erin McCarthy is an author that I have recently discovered. I am in the process of reading her back list. I discovered her vampire series first, which if you like light vampire romances I highly suggest her Vegas Vampire series.

Vegas Vampire Series:

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