Sunday, August 17, 2008

Love with a Scandalous Lord by Lorraine Heath

Rating 4 stars

Book Description:
You first met Lydia Westland in A ROGUE IN TEXAS. Her mother, Abbie, married the dashing English rogue, Grayson Rhodes. Now Grayson has been called home to pay his respects to his ailing father, and he's taken his new family with him...
Lydia wants nothing more than to be seen as a lady, to be accepted by the peerage, and to marry nobility. She loves the rules, the etiquette, and the glamour of London. She believes her father's half-brother, the Marquess of Blackhurst, can help her achieve her goal.
But Rhys Rhodes has lived much of his life in the shadows where polite society's dark secrets flourish. To help Lydia will mean revealing his infamous past. But when the innocent lady steals his heart, how can he not risk losing all that he holds dear--including her--in order to ensure she obtains all she dreams of?
I really enjoyed Rhys and Lydia story. One of the things I liked is that Lydia makes no secret that she has longed for the glitter of the London's ballrooms. I have read so many historical romances where American ladies come to London and hate everything about the 'ton'. I also loved Rhys he was the spare that was never meant to be Duke. I don't want to give any spoilers.
I would suggest reading Heath's Rogues in Texas trilogy first.
A Rogue in Texas (which introduces Lydia as a young girl)
Never Love a Cowboy
Never Marry a Cowboy

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