Tuesday, August 5, 2008

July Book Blowout Challenge Comes to a Close

Thank-you Mrs. S for hosting this challenge.

My goal for the July Book Blowout was to read 12 books between July 1st and July 31st. I fell far short of my goal. Between working two jobs I just didn't have as much time to read as I usually do. I did read 7.

1. Lord of Scoundrels by Loretta Chase {4 stars}

2. Blue Dahlia by Nora Roberts {5 stars}

3. Black Rose by Nora Roberts {5 stars}

4. Red Lily by Nora Roberts {5 stars}

5. Into the Fire by Suzanne Brockman {5 stars!!!!!}

6.Incognito by Kate Hoffman {4 stars}

7. Sam's Creed by Sarah McCarty {4 stars}
Mrs. S from Blue Archipelago asked everyone to answer a few wrap up questions:
1. Did you discover a new author? I didn't read any new authors for this challenge.
2. Where was the most unusual place you found yourself reading? Work (shhh don't tell)
3. Did you read more than usual? Sadly no, I actually read less. Due to working 2 jobs.
4. Did you give up anything in order to read more? Not really
5. If you won the Amazon voucher what would you spend it own? Books (of course!!)
6. Would you like to see a 2009 Book Blowout? Absolutely!!

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